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Chalk Talks

Chalk Talks 2024  

ALL TALKS START AT 6:00 PM                                          CLICK ON THE LINKS FOR PRESENTER NOTES 

February 5  Fourth Suit Forcing    Dan Kroll          Fourth Suit Forcing

March 4  Bidding Basics:  Finding the Right Strain, Captain of the Auction, and More    James Hopkin

April 15  Ruffing in a Suit Contract    Bruce Blakely  

May 6  Drawing Trumps:  Now, Later, or Never?  Bruce Blakely

June 3  Suit Preference Signals    Deborah Murphy

July 1   Declaring a No Trump Contract    Anant Rathi

August 5  Opening Leads    Kim Fanady  




More to come!  Check back soon.  





Chalk Talks 2023


Jul 10  The Minute That Matters:  What to Consider Before Playing to the First Trick  Lauren Friedman

Jul 17  Ducking   Will Zhu        

Jul 24  Bridge Scoring  Vicki Lerner

Jul 31  No Chalk Talk  -- Come to the Summer Ice Cream Social!

Aug 7  Responding to 1 No Trump:  Transfers   Dan Kroll

Aug 14  No Chalk Talk -- Play in the Pro/Am!

Aug 21 Table Manners  Kim Fanady

Aug 28  Finesses  Bruce Blakely

Sep 4  No Chalk Talk -- Club Closed for Labor Day

Sep 11  Learning to Count   James Hopkin

Sep 18   Counting Tricks on Defense  Anant Rathi

Sep 25  Questions & Answers With Expert Panel: Amber Lin, Dan Kroll, Anant Rathi

The Chalk Talks will return in January 2024.  Stay tuned for the new and exciting schedule!





2020 Chalk Talks:

February 10:  Game Tries   Dan Kroll  Game Tries

March 9:  Blackwood  Vicki Lerner

2019 Chalk Talks:

February 11:  Overcalls at the One Level  Edmund Wu Four Card Overcalls

March 11:  The Weak No Trump:  Playing It and Playing Against It  Dan Kroll  Weak NT   Redoubles
April 8:  Director Calls . Will Watson and Kim Fanady 
May 13:  Counting the Hand  Jim Leuker Counting the Hand -- Distribution   Counting the Hand -- Points
June 10:  Balancing . Deborah Murphy  Balancing  Balancing -- Sample Hands

July 8:  The Green Card  Kim Fanady  The Green Card -- When to Pass

August 12:  Responding to 1H . Edmund Wu

September 9:  Hold Up Plays at No Trump, Bruce Blakely

October 14:  Losing Trick Count, Vicki Lerner

November 11:  Lebensohl after Interference Over 1NT, Lauren Friedman  Intro to Lebensohl

December 9: Expert Panel Answers Your Questions